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Multi-Faceted Pistol Offense Series

Multi-Faceted Pistol Offense Series

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featuring Lambert Brown, former Chaska (MN) High School Head Coach;
2013 Missota Conference Champs; 2013 Missota Coach of the Year; led Chaska to the state semi-finals in 2013

This 6 video bundle features:

Pistol Offense: Putting Defenders in Conflict

Using the pistol option base, Coach Brown explains how a multi-faceted offense with different schemes can be unified into an identity that creates a competitive advantage.

  • Learn how to use tempo, confidence and execution to create an offensive system that puts defenders in conflict
  • Learn how to execute motions to gain a pre-snap numbers advantage
  • Learn how to package multiple plays into one call to counter defensive alignments and/or expose weak spots in the defense

72 minutes. 2015.

Pistol Offense: Inside Zone

Get an offense that is simple yet flexible enough to block even and odd fronts whether cover or uncovered all the while giving your team a mechanical advantage and outnumbering your opponent at the point of attack.

  • Get a detailed study of the "Inside Zone" play in a modified zone scheme
  • Learn how to attack and stretch the entire field using the inside zone's three points of attack
  • Learn simple rules and basic blocks that will enable your line to expertly block a covered or uncovered defensive front
  • Teach your running back to identify reads and cutback lanes beyond the line of scrimmage

69 minutes. 2015.

Pistol Offense: Outside Zone

Learn how to stretch the defense from sideline to sideline

  • Learn how to block the outside zone against multiple fronts
  • Discover four run play variations that protect the outside zone play and add diversity to the scheme
  • Learn passing variations and open the deep play action when the defense over adjusts

58 minutes. 2015.

Pistol Offense: Combining the Inside Zone and Veer

The zone and veer scheme lets you stretch the field and gain a numbers advantage by leaving various positions unblocked.

  • Learn how the "inside zone" play offers a split-flow complement to a traditional veer offense
  • Get a modified inside zone blocking scheme that is easily adaptable to the veer running game and effective against multiple fronts
  • Learn how to run the veer against four different defensive fronts
  • Learn how to take advantage of the talent you have when playing superior teams

55 minutes. 2015.

Pistol Offense: Gap Read Run Game

Learn how to combat the common problem of a stacked-box defense versus an option offense

  • Learn how to take advantage of aggressive defenses that blitz and stunt
  • Get simple blocking rules that allow the run game to be successful against any defensive front
  • Learn variations of the gap read that change the appearance of the play but not its simplicity

57 minutes. 2015.

Pistol Offense: Core Passing Game

Learn four combination passing concepts that will help your offense make use of space

  • Learn a simple call system that enables players to minimize thinking, so they can play fast
  • Get simple variations to each play that add additional pressure to the defense
  • Get routes and quarterback read progressions designed to beat any coverage

71 minutes. 2015.