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New Rules of Attack 2-Pack

New Rules of Attack 2-Pack

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Featuring Steve Garland, University of Virginia Head Coach;
2015 and 2010 ACC Champions; 2010 ACC Coach of the Year;
All-American Wrestler at Virginia; 2000 ACC Wrestler of the Year; member of the 50th Anniversary ACC Wrestling Team

and Jordan Leen, University of Virginia Assistant Coach;
2015 ACC Tournament Champions;
2008 NCAA Champion at Cornell; 3x All American; 2x EIWA Champion; 2005 Ivy League Rookie of the Year

This two-video bundle features:

The New Rules of Attack: Cradle from Anywhere

Coach Garland shows a complete cradle series that can be hit from anywhere - not just from the top.

  • Learn how to use a cradle to defend a single leg takedown and to turn it into a pinning combination
  • Learn Coach Garland's perspective on the traditional cradle series and how his subtle tweaks make it better
  • Learn two ways to cradle from a front headlock

60 minutes. 2015.

The New Rules of Attack: Defense Against the Funk

Though I have been a coach for 10 years, I competed at a time when "funk" wasn't very popular. The style and moves have always been exotic, mysterious and misunderstood by me. This is the first video where I feel "funk" has really been demystified. - Chester Chen

  • Learn how to eliminate the possibility of getting "funked"
  • Learn how to stop ankle passes and funk rolls before they start
  • Learn how to defend the funk when you attack high singles, low singles and high-crotch
  • Learn how to drill uncomfortable positions that lead to leg passes and re-passes

50 minutes. 2015.