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Oregon Football Drills & Strategies

Oregon Football Drills & Strategies

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with John Neal,
University of Oregon Assistant Coach (Passing Game Coordinator/Secondary)

and Steve Greatwood,
University of Oregon Assistant Head Coach - Running Game Coordinator/Offensive Line Coach

This 4 video bundle features:

Developing Defensive Backs: Coaching the Coach

Discover practical tools for becoming a superior teacher, mentor and leader.

  • Start developing your players before they take the field
  • Discover the building blocks of mental management and competitive greatness
  • Learn how to run effective player meetings to improve individual focus, discipline and eliminate mental mistakes

64 minutes. 2015.

Developing Defensive Backs: Practice Drills & Techniques

Discover practical defensive back drills for improving game performance.

  • Prepare your players to effectively track the ball in the air and knock it down or make the interception
  • Bolster your secondary's ability to make touchdown saving tackles
  • Train your DBs to quickly get off stalk blocks and kick-out blocks and position themselves to make tackles

70 minutes. 2015.

40 Drills for Winning the Line of Scrimmage

Get 40 drills that cover all aspects of creating a championship offensive line

  • Learn how to get linemen moving laterally and vertically while maintaining power and balance
  • Learn how to use blocking sleds to create good habits and to ensure that lineman maintain leverage on each block
  • Discover drills to improve your line's ability to engage and block

84 minutes. 2015.

Zone Blocking for Up-Tempo Spread Offense

Have you wondered how the Oregon offense can line up and come off the ball so quickly and run the ball so effectively? Join longtime Oregon Coach Steve Greatwood as he discusses the concepts and techniques that have made Oregon's Inside Zone play so successful.

  • Simplify your zone blocking rules and techniques so your linemen can play fast versus any defense
  • Develop a numbering system that carries over to any defensive front you will see
  • Combat specific defensive adjustments with the "tools" each O-linemen has in his toolbox

65 minutes. 2013.