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The Pistol Wing-T Run Game: Buck, Down, Belly, Jet, Midline and Veer

The Pistol Wing-T Run Game: Buck, Down, Belly, Jet, Midline and Veer

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Create a powerful, deceptive running attack - even with undersized linemen.
  • Learn how to practice mesh points and speedy, effective fakes to get the defense guessing and false stepping
  • Easily adjust to a variety of defensive alignments by altering your blocking assignments within each family of plays
  • Train your backfield players to read the defense and attack where they are most vulnerable

with Rick Stewart,
former Porterville (CA) High School Head Football Coach;
Revitalized football programs at three separate high schools. McFarland improved from 0-24 to a playoff team in their second year. Corkrin improved from 0-27 to undefeated league champions in their second year. Porterville improved from winning 8 games total over their last 5 seasons to winning 40 games in their next 5 seasons and back-to-back championships.

"In our third year running the offense we won our first ever conference championship as a co-op. We went undefeated in the regular season and 13-1 overall losing in the state championship game. We rushed for 4,354 yards (4th in state for all divisions) and 62 touchdowns."
Hancel Phipps, Offensive Coordinator
Wake Forest High School (NC)

"We have never averaged more than 2.4 yards per carry and this year we averaged 4.6 yards per carry. We averaged over 317 yards per game in 2015, and 207 of the yards were rushing!"
Phil Marino, Head Football Coach
Columbus High School (GA)

The Pistol Wing-T offense will help you create a powerful running attack - even with undersized linemen. Rick Stewart shares how to maximize the success of the run game within your own Pistol Wing-T offense.

This system shares the ball with multiple players in the backfield and takes advantage of misdirection and countering the defense with plays that will conflict with the opposition's individual assignments. By mastering the footwork and technique of players in the backfield, you will learn how to force the defense into a state of confusion that will lead to big yardage plays.

Coach Stewart teaches you the intricacies to six different play "families:" Go, Belly, Liz/Rip, Lazer/Rocket, and Veer. You'll learn the details of each play series through a combination of white board diagrams, player demonstrations, and game film from teams around the country that successfully run the Pistol Wing-T. In each play, Coach Stewart explains important aspects to the running game such as:

  • How to attack the defense with different players at different holes with the same basic formation, blocking, and backfield movements for each play family.
  • Countering different defensive alignments with basic blocking responsibilities and adjustments for your line and backfield players.
  • Deceiving the defense with a step-by-step breakdown of the timing, footwork, and technique necessary to maximize the fakes of your backfield players.
  • How to help your backfield players read the defense to attack them where they are most vulnerable.

This video provides the critical details you need to execute the library of play options in the Pistol Wing-T running game.

137 minutes. 2016.