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The Pistol Wing-T X's and O's Series

The Pistol Wing-T X's and O's Series

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with Rick Stewart,
former Porterville (CA) High School Head Football Coach;
Revitalized football programs at three separate high schools. McFarland improved from 0-24 to a playoff team in their second year. Corkrin improved from 0-27 to undefeated league champions in their second year. Porterville improved from winning 8 games total over their last 5 seasons to winning 40 games in their next 5 seasons and back-to-back championships.

Items include:

The Pistol Wing-T Overview: Philosophy and Terminology

  • Combine a common blocking scheme and look-alike backfield actions with multidimensional families of plays
  • Learn how to simplify your play calling communication to push the tempo of the Pistol Wing-T
  • Get a "value system" to ensure players are in the right position for their mental makeup

After four years of running these schemes, as well as being flown to 33 schools to do private installs, we have made significant updates to this offense since our videos were first released in 2012. - Rick Stewart

If you find that your team is regularly outmatched, winning a football game can be a real challenge. Rick Stewart is a master of helping teams with losing traditions turn their programs around. He has lead three separate high school programs through transitions from perennial losers into playoff-caliber squads.

In this video, Coach Stewart will provide you a detailed overview of the Pistol Wing-T system that has lead to his repeated successes. This up-tempo offense combines a powerful running attack, misdirection, and passing game to score - even against opponents with superior talent. From the advantages and disadvantages to running the Pistol Wing-T, to the attributes of different positions within the offense, to the technique of snapping the ball, Coach Stewart spares no detail in sharing what makes this system work.

The Pistol Wing-T Run Game: Buck, Down, Belly, Jet, Midline and Veer

  • Learn how to practice mesh points and speedy, effective fakes to get the defense guessing and false stepping
  • Easily adjust to a variety of defensive alignments by altering your blocking assignments within each family of plays
  • Train your backfield players to read the defense and attack where they are most vulnerable

The Pistol Wing-T offense will help you create a powerful running attack - even with undersized linemen. Rick Stewart shares how to maximize the success of the run game within your own Pistol Wing-T offense.

This system shares the ball with multiple players in the backfield and takes advantage of misdirection and countering the defense with plays that will conflict with the opposition's individual assignments. By mastering the footwork and technique of players in the backfield, you will learn how to force the defense into a state of confusion that will lead to big yardage plays.

Coach Stewart teaches you the intricacies to six different play "families:" Go, Belly, Liz/Rip, Lazer/Rocket, and Veer. You'll learn the details of each play series through a combination of white board diagrams, player demonstrations, and game film from teams around the country that successfully run the Pistol Wing-T.

The Pistol Wing-T Pass Game: Play Action, Quick, Drop Back, Sprint Out and Screens

  • Discover a "20 easy passes per game model" from the Pistol alignment that creates a highly dynamic offense
  • Learn how to use "look-a-like" formations, pre-snap motions, and blocking schemes to put defenders in conflict
  • Create 24 passing play combinations from one basic concept in the Sprint Passing phase

"We installed Coach Stewart's Pistol Wing T system and went from 4-6, averaging 20 points a game, and 2400 yards of offense to 8-2, averaging 35 points a game, and 4800+ yards.  This offense sets your play makers up to make plays and keeps defenses on their heels."
  Jerry Hudnell, Head Football Coach
Lake Placid High School (FL)

"We have made the Ohio playoffs three years in a row, twice have been in the top 10 scoring average in school history, broke a 25 year record by having the leading rusher in school history, and also have the leading receiver in school history. Our quarterback is 2nd in school history for touchdown passes. Coach Stewart is a great teacher of the offense, and his enthusiasm is contagious."
Tony Flaig, Offensive Coordinator
Hamilton High School (OH)

Adding the threat of an effective passing game will open up your Wing-T running plays while also giving you the option to take advantage of an over-aggressive defense that has committed to plugging the run. Rick Stewart shows you his four phase passing game that can put four receivers into routes at any time, along with the screen and draw plays he uses to counter defensive pressure.

114 minutes. 2016.

The Pistol Wing-T Formations, Audibles, False Keys and Tendency Breakers

  • Learn 15 play formations that will confuse the defense, force them to make mistakes, and result in big plays
  • Discover an effective short yardage package to gain critical yards even when the defense is stacking the box
  • Learn how to use false keys to get the defense out of position and away from the play you call

"We had three teams win state championships this year (2015) running this offense. There are 80 teams - that I know of - who've made the playoffs. We have made significant updates to this offense since our videos were first released in 2012."
Rick Stewart

"In one season we improved from 1,780 total offensive yards to 4,433 by implementing the Pistol Wing-T. I attribute all of the success we had to following the practice plans, rules, and procedures that are laid out in the manuals and DVDs."
Eddie Cunningham, Offensive Coordinator
Fayetteville High School (TN)

Rick Stewart shares how to make your playbook look impossibly big through changes in formations and incorporating tactics such as motions, shifts, combo plays and false keys. Additionally, you will learn how to handle special situations with short yardage plays and Coach Stewart's personal library of trick plays.

These components are something you can add over multiple seasons as your program continues to master their understanding of the Pistol Wing-T offense.

117 minutes. 2016.