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The Complete Guide to the 3-5-2

The Complete Guide to the 3-5-2

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with Butch Lauffer,
West Texas A&M University Head Soccer Coach,
USSF "A" license,
Grade 1 coaching license (Irish Football Association),
Class "A" License (United European Football Assoc.),
UEFA pro license (Scottish Football Association)

The modern 3-5-2 is one of the most popular systems in soccer today, and Coach Lauffer presents a complete guide to this system for you! Lauffer shows how to use the 3-5-2 in both offensive and defensive situations, creating width from the inside out, and forcing the opposition into uncomfortable situations. He demonstrates how to defend against midfield attacks and switches, transition, counter-attack, and other basic principles. Finally, Lauffer shows several field exercises that you can use as a teaching progression for your team. Understanding the modern 3-5-2 will help your team play more effectively on both ends of the field and allow you to win more games! 58 minutes. 2005. DVD.

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