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Schellas Hyndman: Defending the 4-4-2

Schellas Hyndman: Defending the 4-4-2

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with Schellas Hyndman,
Southern Methodist University Head Men's Soccer Coach,
7x NSCAA/Adidas Regional Coach of the Year,
ranked second in winning percentage among active Men's Division I Soccer coaches

Schellas Hyndman shares the pressure defensive methods of his game-winning 4-4-2 system of play. Hyndman has taught this system to his players for over 20 years and now brings it to you in an easy to understand DVD. Through diagrams and on field applications, your players will attain good, consistent positioning, maximize defensive pressure and move together as a unit. Beginning with two defending players, Hyndman gradually adds defenders to create situations to teach players how to move the offense down the line, put pressure on the ball, trap and transition points of attack. He shares secrets on how to properly give support and balance, switch the point of attack, eliminate back passes and create man-to-man defense. This video will help your team take and maintain control of the game by staying aggressive, winning the ball and getting to the goal. This disk is a great complement to The Basics of the 4-4-2 and Attacking with the 4-4-2. 58 minutes. 2005. DVD.

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Small Group Exercises to Train Defenders
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