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The Notre Dame 4-3-3

The Notre Dame 4-3-3

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with Randy Waldrum,
University of Notre Dame Head Women's Soccer Coach

Randy Waldrum has coached Notre Dame to the 2004 national championship and three trips to the NCAA College Cup semifinals with the 4-3-3. In this DVD, he outlines his 4-3-3 concept of play. Coach Waldrum makes a case for playing the 4-3-3 with the help of game footage. By slowing down clips, each position is described and analyzed. He shows different situations such as 3 v 2, which illustrates advantages that can be created in this alignment. Defensive emphasis is described by looking at important characteristics of the center and outside backs. Waldrum feels that a good holding player is invaluable to the team. This player must be great at distributing the ball and be comfortable taking the ball against pressure, change the point of attack and hitting the 30-40 yard bomb. Next is an overview of forward personalities - offensively and defensively. General attacking concepts are presented again using game footage. Coach Waldrum's presentation is a comprehensive look at the 4-3-3. This style can help your team because it capitalizes on varying personalities and keeps your team unpredictable. 41 minutes. 2006. DVD.

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