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30 Shooting Exercises to Score Goals

30 Shooting Exercises to Score Goals

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with Alan Kirkup, University of Florida Assistant Coach,
former player for Manchester United FC; over 27 years coaching experience including 18 years as a head coach at the collegiate level (over 200 wins)

Technical skill, tactical awareness and fitness may enable your team to control possession, but it won't put the ball into the back of the net. Only through the consistent honing of shooting skills will your team be able to finish with consistency. Alan Kirkup shows you 30 exercises you can use to first develop skill and then generate a creative scoring culture on your team.

Coach Kirkup uses practice footage to outline and detail a full practice session devoted exclusively to creative finishing. He starts with some very basic, yet crucial tactics to help get the ball on net. He then incorporates more and more complexity and variations to increase repetitions for your goal scoring players. His coaching points focus on:

Rehearsing shots by first using finesse and then following with power
Creating unexpected shots like one-touch volleys to catch the keeper off-guard
Finding different ways to beat a defender in order to cross or shoot

>As the exercises increase in complexity, your players will quickly learn to help each other and find open space, as well as develop a sniper's touch.

Kirkup concludes with a competitive game that will keep your players in the goal-scoring mindset the next time they take the field.

The goal of these finishing exercises is to practice the shots your team will see in a game. This will make them more confident and comfortable in games, as they are taking shots that they have already worked on many times in practice.

Order now and use these exercises to build your next finishing session or shooting session!

101 minutes. 2013. DVD.