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Transition Soccer: Play Fast, Play with Numbers

Transition Soccer: Play Fast, Play with Numbers

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Coach Doug Elder of Midwestern State University is the winningest active coach in NCAA Division II soccer. In addition, he has been named Regional Coach of the Year six times and won 7 conference championships. Your soccer team's ability to play fast will create positive numbers when you attack. By emphasizing the need to get numbers forward, Coach Elder has led his team to much success as they gain advantage at the point of transition.

Coach Elder shares some of his favorite fast-paced drills that he uses to teach his players to always be moving and thinking at maximum speed. This method develops the mindset required to create "numbers up" situations and gain an advantage on the field. Coach Elder's drills achieve two goals: 1) Increasing the size of the grid promotes the counter attack, and 2) Increased fitness levels. Starting with fundamental concepts and building to functional game play, you will learn how to train players to build numerical advantages as soon as they get control of the ball. Here are just some of the great drills included in this DVD:

1v1 to goal - Executed at game speed, this drill develops an attacking mindset when transitioning from defense to offense or vice versa.
2v1 - This is a fast-paced drill that presents game-like situations where an attacker could make a pass.
Transition drill - Players work on possession while playing fast to develop a great touch, communication, and transitioning fast from offense to defense.
5v5 game - Players must play the ball forward to their striker before they can score, forcing them to look forward and attack the defense.
Before moving to an on-field demonstration, Coach Elder uses animated graphics to stress his coaching points. He also shows how to vary drills to get the desired results. His drills are progressive, easy to transition between and enjoyable for players execute. A secondary benefit of Coach Elder's drills is the conditioning element. The fast-paced transition requires players to stay connected to the play to give 100 percent lest they let their teammates down.

This DVD is a great tool for coaches who want their players to practice at full speed while executing basic drills. 79 minutes. 2015.

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