Leg Riding and Defense: Hustle and ControlSignature Move Series: Chris Perry's Punishing Leg Ride SeriesRiding and Turning: A Guide to Offensive Success Wrestling DVDClaw Ride and Leg Turns Wrestling DVD
Give your wrestlers a dominant series!
Wrestling Moves DVDs Zack Esposito Wrist Ride Video
Turn average top wrestlers into dominating pinning machines.
wrestling video
with Troy Nickerson, 2009 NCAA Champion and 4x All American
crab ride wrestling
with Troy Letters, 2004 NCAA Champion
Ed Ruth - Riding and Pinning
Wrestling Instruction
Tricks to eep your opponent on the mat!
Wrestling Training DVD's
Wear out your opponent!
Wrestling Instruction
with Mark Ironside, 2X NCAA Champion
Wrestling Instruction Video
Tricks and turns for the near leg and bottom leg turk!
Wrestling Instruction DVD's
These techniques will work for any level of wrestler at any weight!
Wrestling Video
Find great success with the Claw!