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Rob Eiter 2-Pack

Rob Eiter 2-Pack

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Featuring Rob Eiter, University of Maryland Assistant Coach;
1996 Olympian; 5x U.S. Open National Champion; Member of 1993 and 1995 World Championship teams; Former University of Pennsylvania Head Coach

This two-video bundle features:

Leg Attacks from a Dominant Wrist Control Position (Includes Left Leg Lead Techniques)

This fills an important niche for left leg lead wrestlers that few coaches can or do teach. The technique is all high quality world level stuff and the coach is very detailed in demonstrating what is really a whole system of attacks based on how an opponent initially reacts. One of the better ones I have seen. -
C. T. Young, Cascia Hall Junior High Volunteer Assistant Coach

  • Learn how to wrestle successfully from a left leg lead or against a left leg lead wrestler
  • Get strategies to deal with an opponent who leads with a different lead leg
  • Learn how to turn an opponent's wrist control into your baseball grip control
  • Discover versatile techniques that can be adapted and used by right leg lead wrestlers

53 minutes. 2015.

Leg Lace Evolution Techniques for Modern Freestyle

Olympian Rob Eiter shows both beginning and advanced wrestlers how to effectively use a leg lace to turn opponents in freestyle. He begins by going over basic leg laces, then covers advanced leg lace techniques.

  • Learn key positioning for generating multiple turns with the leg lace
  • Discover a bent leg turk series that is nearly impossible to stop
  • Learn how to effectively transition from the gut wrench to the leg lace
  • Learn to defend the leg lace and how to counter leg lace defenses

54 minutes. 2015.