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Learn to wrestle and score from the claw position.
Scoring from Your Feet: The Over/Under Series Wrestling Coaching DVD
Give your wrestlers the advantage to score on their feet!
Wrestling Instruction DVD
Score points and explode from the bottom position!
Wrestling Coaching DVD
Give your wrestler and team a distinct advantage!
Wrestling Training DVD
The essential techniques needed to turn and pin your opponent!
Wrestling DVD
Give your wrestlers the best chance possible to score.
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Techniques to give you more options from your feet!
20 Set-ups for Single Leg Attacks
Keep your opponent guessing with this arsenal!
The Augsburg High Crotch Series: Set-ups and Finishes
with Jeff Swenson, former Augsburg College Wrestling Coach
Finishing the Single Leg Attack
Jeff Swenson shows you the "Augsburg way"!
Wrestling Video
Find great success with the Claw!
Wrestling DVD
The lost art of the whizzer!
Wrestling Training Video
"In-your-face," attacking wrestling starts with an attitude!
Wrestling Training Videos
The single leg and high crotch!
Wrestling Videos
Kerry McCoy, Stanford University Head Coach
Wrestling Videos
The whizzer can be a great equalizer!
Wrestling Instructional Videos
The secrets of his devastating leg lace technique!
Wrestling Coaching
with Rob Koll, Cornell University Head Coach
Wrestling Instruction DVD
Get great techniques from Terry Brands!
Wrestling Instruction Videos
An excellent move that wrestlers can use to score points!
Wrestling Instructional DVD's
John Smith's technique on the high single finish!