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The Little Things that Win 2-Pack

The Little Things that Win 2-Pack

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The Little Things that Win! Infield Fundamentals, Footwork and Drills
with Eugene Lenti,
DePaul University Head Coach

Before hitting the field for practice, Coach Lenti lets players know that practice is done at game speed. In this clinic-setting presentation, Lenti begins with the proper throwing grip as well as correct fielding technique and footwork. From there he moves into special tosses and flips, including backhand flips and the underhand toss. Lenti believes that situations must be worked on each day - he includes the pitchers' technique to execute a 1-2-3 double play. Lenti demonstrates a number of his favorite drills to use during practice. He also talks about the importance of the mental side of the game to good defensive teams. 52 minutes. 2008. DVD.

The Little Things that Win! Diving, Outfield Drills and Bunting
with Eugene Lenti,
DePaul University Head Coach

Three essential skills of defensive softball - diving, bunting and outfield drills - are presented by Coach Lenti in this excellent clinic-setting session. In the diving segment, Lenti discusses diving rules, fundamentals, techniques, pre-game preparation and more. Coach Lenti explains a dozen drills that prepare athletes for competition. Lenti's third part is devoted to bunting - keeping the ball fair and squaring up to the ball are fundamentals touched on by Lenti. He also explains in detail the sacrifice, push and drag bunts as methods of advancing runners. 62 minutes. 2008. DVD.

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