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The Short Game Encyclopedia

The Short Game Encyclopedia

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with Tim Walton,
University of Florida Head Coach;
2x SEC Coach of the Year;
2008 and 2009 SEC Champions;
.743 career win percentage;
former University of Oklahoma Assistant coach (2000 NCAA Champs)

Dominate your opponent offensively and defensively with championship caliber short game play. Join two-time SEC Coach of the Year Tim Walton as he leads you through the offensive and defensive principles of the short game.

Coach Walton first guides you through 13 different short game strategies from a right-handed batter. These techniques take advantage of your batter's speed to get on base, as well as protecting the runner, and giving her an advantage to take the next base. Walton covers drag bunts, fake bunts, timing slaps, bunt-slap-bunt, hit-and-run, squeeze bunts and more.

From the left side, Walton covers 15 weapons a slapper can use at the plate. Walton shows you how to train your slappers to execute each technique from their hitting position keeping the defense on their heels and disguising your strategy until the last second. Walton discusses developing good timing and positioning, slapping for power, the chop, the push bunt, bunting backwards, one-handed bunt and more.

Defensively, Walton explains how to put a defense in place to protect yourself against the bunt, the slap or the steal. He shows his standard defensive reads and explains strategy and how it varies with different runners and out situations. Using both classroom explanation and on-field demonstration, Walton walks you through four different plays that he uses in specific situations - covering every aspect you will need to implement these plays.

A good offensive team should be able to create difficult situations for the defense, no matter what play is called. Walton leads you through each of his defensive plays and guides you offensively with where to place a bunt or slap.

Get two of the hottest topics in softball in one great package with this exhaustive look at short game offense and defense! DVD. 106 minutes. 2010.

This DVD is part of the set Tim Walton 4-Pack.