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All Access Oklahoma State Softball Practice

All Access Oklahoma State Softball Practice

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with Rich Wieligman,
Oklahoma State University Head Coach
Rich Wieligman and the OSU Cowgirl staff deliver a live look at how their practices are set up, executed, and completed on a daily basis.

Day 1:
Build passion into your players from the moment they step on the field! Coach Wieligman's practices begin with early bird work for the first 40 minutes of practice. The early bird work includes hitting fundamentals and pitching work. You will see competitive pitching drills you can use to keep your pitchers focused and avoid the doldrums of simply counting pitches. The competitive nature of these drills makes every pitch count just like a game.

The main practice focuses on infield/outfield play, bunt defense, steals, hitting rotations and pitcher's fielding practice. The practice centers on a game-like approach using baserunners, fielders, defense and offense multiple softball skills simultaneously.

Day 2:
In the early bird segment, Assistant Coach Clarisa Crowell runs the Cowgirl pitching staff through a bullpen session concentrating on fundamentals. You'll see how she interacts with each pitcher to develop a good snap on the drop ball and you'll see a competitive, situational pitching drill. While pitchers are in the bullpen, the other players work on tee drills.

Practice starts in a split mode - outfielders and infielders. Coach Wieligman takes one group into the batting cage where players rotate through front toss and machine drills fine tuning their hitting mechanics. Assistant Coach Tom Gray takes the other group onto the field to work on fielding fundamentals. Infielders work on short hops, footwork and glove to ball transfers; while outfielders work on playing the ball off the wall. Both groups come together in the field to work on cuts and relays, slap defense, rundowns and fly ball priority.

You can The Oklahoma State staff made it very apparent that every skill in softball needs to be focused on each day.

236 minutes (2 DVDs). 2012. DVD.