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Mike Estes 2-Pack

Mike Estes 2-Pack

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The Game-Ready Approach to Softball Practice
with Mike Estes,
East Lake High (Tarpon Springs) Florida,
Finished 2011 ranked in the Top 10 in Nation

In this practical approach to team softball practice, Mike Estes takes you through a logical practice progression that includes throwing, infield, outfield, team defense, and base running.

Every practice ends with each player crossing home plate (with a special technique that reduces the risk of injury) to finish with a score. In between, Coach Estes leads the team through a highly organized practice that includes 20 game-ready drills, teaching and reinforcing proper movements while also making sure each player is practicing what they will actually need to do in a game.

Estes presents drills and insights into proper technique including various ready positions, short throws, flips, slingshot throws, corner bunt coverage, double plays, deep fly balls, flares, hitting the cut-off, one-hop throws from the outfield, throwing home on a do-or-die, as well as base-running footwork for lead offs, returns, and scoring.

This approach to practice builds conditioning elements directly into the drills, so your players will improve their skills and their fitness simultaneously.

Coach Estes' practice approach will put your players in game-ready condition, physically, mentally, and mechanically, giving them experience handling game-time movements and giving your team the chance to dominate on defense while also picking up some "cheap" runs with great base running on offense.

88 minutes. 2012.

15 Hitting Drills for a Balanced and Explosive Swing
with Mike Estes,
East Lake High (Tarpon Springs) Florida,
Finished 2011 ranked in the Top 10 in Nation

Develop a balanced and explosive swing.

Mike Estes provides athletes and coaches of all levels with 15 drills--complete with explanations--that progress through the basic hitting mechanics and build a balanced, explosive swing.

Coach Estes shows you hitting stations that progress from tee work to live pitching. These stations can be used within a team practice or an individual workout. Estes instruction includes:
A bottom and top hand drill to make your hitters better hitters
Drills to adjust your swing to attack pitches at various angles and speeds
Double tee drills to refine swing mechanics
Drills to develop a drive through the ball
Target hitting drills to hit to all fields
and more!
Build knowledge and confidence in the batter's box and take our game to the next level.

53 minutes. 2012.