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All Access Florida Softball Practice

All Access Florida Softball Practice

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with Tim Walton, University of Florida Head Coach;
2x SEC Coach of the Year; 2008 and 2009 SEC Champions;
.743 career win percentage
Tim Walton invites you to three days of Florida softball practice. You get total, first-person access to Walton's approach, observing his style, the way he structures practice and the specific guidance he gives his players on mechanics, strategy and more. Everything from the players mental approach, to detailed pitching, fielding, hitting, and base running drills are covered. There is even footage of Florida's conditioning program before and after practices.

This all-inclusive, six-disc set is a master-class on how to organize and run practices that build championship teams. You get to watch everything that goes on in the clubhouse, in the cages, with pitchers & catchers, base running, conditioning, team defense, circuit work, split defense, short game, on-field BP and more!

Disc 1:
Coach the mechanics for hitting different pitches and pitches in specific locations
Learn how to maximize players potential
Disc 1 includes full access to a team meeting in which Coach Walton discusses team strategies and addresses his expectations for individual players. The meeting includes a give-and-take between the players and Walton. From the team meeting, you move into the cages, where you can watch Walton run their hitting stations, passing on detailed coaching on mechanics, with a focus on hitting in specific situations and hitting specific pitches.

Disc 2:
Learn how to correct minor pitching flaws and habits
Coach pitching mechanics for specific pitches
Learn the importance of base running and the attention to detail required to be successful on the base paths
Disc 2 focuses on pitching and catching workouts and baserunning. The pitchers and catchers incorporate multiple drills that focus on mechanics for every pitch, plus mixing pitches in a game-like fashion. At the end of the pitching workout, you will see a challenge that works on game situations and pressure situations. The second phase of the practice focuses heavily on baserunning. Coach Walton leads the players all the way around the diamond teaching the expectations on each base and covering the specific techniques, movements and situations.

Disc 3:
Cover the intricacies of base running in all situations
Set up a wide variety of fielding stations so each player is working on the skills they need, without standing around
Utilize unique and productive work-station drills, which can be run by one coach to make the most of your resources
Disc 3 continues with base running, pitching and fielding. Learn how to advance on the bases with balls hit to the infield or outfield. Coach Walton talks to his team about hit and runs and what their focus as a team will be in given situations. The base running portion is followed by on-field conditioning with a full array of dynamic exercises. The practice then moves into defensive circuit work, where the groups work on different drills simultaneously. Circuit work stations include Texas Leaguers (with a focus on communication), Drop Steps/Pop Flys, Dives, Throws on the Run, and more.

Disc 4:
Coach the details of infield and outfield mechanics
Learn how to get multiple pitchers and catchers all working simultaneously
Make sure your team knows their responsibilities on cuts and relays
Coach Walton puts the team through Split Defense with outfielders working through a variety of drills, including the Sun Drill and ground balls on the glove-hand and backhand sides. At the same time, infielders are working ground balls to all positions, with the coach working around the diamond in rapid fashion while coaching mechanics and movement throughout. The team then comes together to work on cuts and relays. Walton explains his system of coverages and backups for each player.

Walton then focuses on pitchers and catchers working both lanes in the bullpen focusing on fastballs, counts, pitch outs, pickoffs, and intentional walks. Then it's back to the hitting cages with Walton coaching each hitter's individual style.

Disc 5:
Learn how to break down a player's swing with one-on-one batting practice
Learn how to field a variety of balls hit to the outfield
See how to use different defensive plays based on the situation and the personnel on the field
Walton takes you through batting cage work, divided defensive practice, and situational defensive coverage. This disc will keep everyone moving and thinking how to control the game on the defensive side. Walton starts hitters in the cages with a focus on points of contact. Walton next runs his outfielders through a new set of drills, while infielders also work on a new set of skills, including short-hops and grounders. The team then comes together to work on short game defense covering the bunt, slap and steal.

Disc 6:
Run a productive, on-field batting practice
Get your entire team working on defense in unison
Disc 6 gives you on-field BP, with the hitters working through the same pattern of hitting: hit and run, slap and run, move `em, score `em, and then hit and run again, with a runner on third.Coach Walton has athletes running bases and working on fielding while the hitters work on situations.

The team moves into team defense drills with pitchers, catchers, and base runners all in the mix. The team works on 1st and 3rd situations with signals from the coaching staff, live pitchers and base runners. They also work a lot of situations with a runner at 1B, with incorporated bunts, slaps and hits.

678 minutes (6 DVDs). 2012. DVD.