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Teaching the Drop Ball and Rise Ball

Teaching the Drop Ball and Rise Ball

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with Beth Torina, LSU Head Coach; former Head Coach at Florida International; 2x Sunbelt Conference Coach of the Year; former Head coach of the USSSA Florida Pride of the National Pro Fastpitch League

LSU and USSSA Florida Pride Head Coach Beth Torina gives you the tools necessary to stifle opposing batters with two pitches that look enticing, but jump out of the strike zone with late breaking movement - the Drop Ball and the Rise Ball.

Coach Torina fully explains the mechanics of each pitch and demonstrates drills that coaches and athletes alike can use to perfect these pitches.

The Drop Ball - The drop ball is safe for young arms, because it has a similar spin to a fastball. It also keeps the ball in the ball park. The drop ball is great when you need a ground ball or to keep the ball in the infield.

Getting the drop ball to spin correctly is critical, since the spin dictates when and how the pitch will break. In this segment, you will learn three ways to release the drop: the peel, turnover, and half turn. These options will allow your pitchers to select the drop ball that works best for them.

To ensure success, the drop ball should break late, right as it approaches the hitter. To do this effectively, Torina introduces six drills to practice getting the correct spin on the pitch.

Your pitcher's forward body position is another essential part of what makes the drop ball move in a downward path. Coach Torina demonstrates five drills to help the pitcher achieve a slightly forward body position. She also offers four drills for practicing the whole pitch and working on break points. If the pitch breaks too early or too late, it will not be nearly as effective, as the batter will either recognize the pitch and/or hit it.

The Rise Ball - Keep opposing hitters off balance with a killer rise ball!

Coach Torina explains five spin drills your pitchers can use to get their rise ball to jump versus being just a high pitch.

Unlike the drop ball, the rise ball pitcher wants her body position to be slightly back. Coach Torina explains the correct technique and offers six drills to work on achieving optimal body position to throw the rise. In addition, she explains two more drills that can be used to work on getting the pitch to break at the proper time - right as it approaches the batter.

This DVD is an excellent resource for coaches and pitchers alike aiming to develop or improve two pitches that are crucial to any pitcher's or team's success.

48 minutes. 2013. DVD.

Product Summary: The drop ball and the rise ball are two of the most daunting pitches for hitters. Learn the mechanics behind these pitches from champion coach Beth Torina.

Editorial Review: This softball pitching dvd provides instruction on two essential pitches. Overall Rating: 4.9 out of 5. Sports Nation Video Sales Rank: 2 out of 22 for the category Softball Pitching DVDs.

About Coach Torina: Torina also serves as the head coach of the USSSA Florida Pride of the National Pro Fastpitch (NPF) League. Their roster features multiple Olympians which includes ESPN softball analyst Jessica Mendoza along with Caitlin Lowe and Natasha Watley. The Pride made Mack the NPF's No. 1 overall draft pick and captured the Ringer Cup trophy in 2012 awarded to the league's regular season champion. Prior to assuming head coaching duties, Torina served as an assistant coach for two seasons under Florida head coach Tim Walton. The Pride won the 2010 NPF championship.

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