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Pitcher and Catcher Workouts for All Levels

Pitcher and Catcher Workouts for All Levels

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Pitcher and Catcher Workouts for All Levels

with Mike Stith, founder of Team Mizuno and is the organization's Director of Player Development and College Recruitment; Head Coach for Team Mizuno's 16U Travel Team; 3x ASA National Championship Coach

Two of the most important positions on the field are pitching and catching. Mike Stith takes you behind the scenes of a Team Mizuno pitching and catching workout. Beginning with the catchers, Coach Stith takes the viewer through a typical workout highlighting throwing, framing, blocking, and conditioning. Moving to the pitcher, Stith has them perform spin drills, pitch to the catchers, and strengthen their arms with extended pitching.

Catching - The catching workout begins with a throwing progression, specifically throwing from the standing position and dropping down to the knees. Controlling an opponent's running game is important for limiting their scoring opportunities. Coach Stith demonstrates three drills the catchers perform to practice throwing out potential base stealers. The catchers also work on two framing drills, and have four blocking drills they must execute. Conditioning is a critical part of the catcher's position. Stith guides you through a series of challenging conditioning drills that are catcher specific designed to strengthen the lower half, quads and core to improve lateral movement and bouncing back up to their feet to make a quick and accurate throw when necessary.

Pitching - Moving on to the pitchers, Coach Stith has them warm-up their arms and proceed directly into their spin drills. Getting the correct spin on each pitch is important as the spin is what will cause the pitch to break. After the spin is warmed-up, Stith has the pitchers throw each pitch to their catcher, working on spin and location. The pitchers will also throw extended pitching, as they increase their distance from the catcher, which will strengthen their arm and help them to throw harder. Finally, the pitchers wrap up the pitching workout by running foul-poles to develop leg strength and endurance.

Let Coach Stith show you the pitching and catching workout that has allowed his battery to bring home multiple championships by dominating opposing teams. 74 minutes. 2013.

Product Summary: This dvd covers drills and technique for softball pitchers and catchers. Also included are conditioning drills and exercises.

Editorial Review: Coach Stith presents a large number of useful and proven drills and exercises to strengthen players and develop the skills necessary for success. Overall Rating: 4.7 out of 5. Sports Nation Video Sales Rank: 7 out of 22 for the category Softball Pitching DVDs.

About Coach Stith - Coach Stith is sought out by many softball coaches all over America and regularly delivers player and coaching clinics encompassing all phases of the game, including hitting mechanics, infield and outfield fundamentals, game strategies, and college recruiting. Mike is also the owner of Sports Training Complex ("STC") located in Anaheim, CA. STC features a 13,000 square foot state of the art training facility designed to raise the bar in softball training and player development. Utilizing his skill and the resources of STC, Coach Stith has helped develop many of the country's top college softball players through unique hitting, fielding and training ideas which are based on old fashioned fundamentals and hard work. Mike offers a true "D1 training curriculum". Simply put, Mike Stith is a "coaches' coach".

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