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Aggressive Offensive Strategies

Aggressive Offensive Strategies

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Oklahoma University Head Coach Patty Gasso has an outstanding history of achievement, including a WCWS Championship, membership in the National Fastpitch Coaches Hall of Fame, 6 Big 12 Coach of the Year Awards and over 1,000 career victories! In this DVD, Coach Gasso shares her ideas and strategies on building an aggressive offense that can turn  defensive mistakes into runs. Coach Gasso discusses rundowns, moving runners with hit and runs and angle-down plays, bunting, how to use slappers, first and third plays and squeezes.

Rundowns - When executed properly, an aggressive offense can use a rundown to pressure the defense into making a mistake. Coach Gasso shows situations that can lead to rundowns. She discusses what the base runner can do to avoid being tagged out and she also demonstrates how to keep a rundown going for as long as possible, thereby increasing the chance of a defensive miscue.

Bunts - Bunts are a great way to advance runners since they allow the batter to place the ball where the defense is the weakest. Coach Gasso demonstrates five options for bunting and advancing runners. These include: the sacrifice, bunt for a hit, split grip, the bunt-and-run, and the show-pull backslap. Multiple bunting options will keep the defense guessing and give you the opportunity to choose the option that you think will work best in a given situation.

Slappers - Slappers are a vital part of an aggressive offense because they put pressure on the defense to get outs, even on routinely hit balls. Coach Gasso shows several options for advancing runners and/or getting on base themselves. The quantity of options makes defending slappers almost impossible.

First and Third Situations and Squeezes - First and third situations provide the opportunity to score runs without having a batter touch the ball. By putting runners in motion, the pressure is shifted to the defense, forcing them to make quick decisions about which runner to attack and which play to execute. The more pressure an offense can put on a defense, the greater the chance that they will make mistakes. A first and third situation is also a good time to call a squeeze bunt, which can advance a runner or score a run.

A lot of teams rely only on power hitting for offensive production. An aggressive offense can give you more opportunities to score by putting pressure on defenses. Frustrate defenses with these aggressive offense techniques from a champion coach! 54 minutes. 2014.

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