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Open Practice with Patty Gasso

Open Practice with Patty Gasso

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Oklahoma University Head Coach Patty Gasso has an outstanding history of achievement, including a WCWS Championship, membership in the National Fastpitch Coaches Hall of Fame, 6 Big 12 Coach of the Year Awards and over 1,000 career victories! Now, you can see how she molds her team into one of the best, every year. Coach Gasso starts practice with aggressive angle-down drills and plays, and then she moves on to defensive drills infield and outfield. Then, she has the team take batting practice in the cages while pitchers get a quick pitching workout in the bullpen.

Here are the specific topics covered in this DVD:

Team Drills: Range, Angle Down and Ball Reading Drills
Coach Gasso starts practice with angle-down plays and players alternate between hitting in this situation as well as running the bases. This is a fast paced routine with lots of offensive skills practiced in a short period of time. Players are then challenged to extend their range as they move on to fielding drills for infield and outfield. Coach Gasso brings the entire team together for ball-reading drills, during which coaches hit bloopers between the infielders and outfielders. This helps the defense a improve communication and awareness of the entire field.

Infield Drills
Coach Gasso divides the team into positions and focuses on the key areas of a good defense. The infielders use smaller gloves and balls to develop their footwork and glove work, They then move on to practice executing on balls hit to either side, throwing on the run, and double plays. You'll see Coach Gasso's unique time-based drill, where the infielders try to beat the clock. This is one of several methods that she uses to prepare her defense for pressure they'll encounter in real game situations.

Outfield Drills
As with infield drills, the fundamentals and drop steps of outfield drills are practiced using smaller balls and without gloves. Players slowly progress to drills in which they must track batted balls and field fly balls from a pitching machine. Coach Gasso spends a lot of time working with her outfielders on balls hit into the gaps. These plays require the outfielder to cut off the ball and come up throwing quickly, while also keeping the arm action of the throw short. By getting to these balls quickly and back to the infield the defense can prevent runners from advancing and scoring.

Batting Cages
The focus shifts to the batting cages where hitters rotate through four different work stations. Multiple stations allowe hitters to accomplish more in a shorter period of time. The hitters work on fundamentals from two tee stations. They also have a front toss and live cage, which allows them to see several pitches thrown to them live, giving them a chance to practice both  timing and approach.

Bullpen Pitching
Coach Gasso's practice session finishes at the bullpen, where a pitcher goes through a series of drills, preparing to throw live on the field. After a few drills to work on fundamentals, the pitcher warm-ups up all of her pitches using a specific sequence. The first few drills are physical drills, but the last drill is a performance drill involving pitch sequence combinations. It is necessary to work both on physical drills and performance-execution drills, as pitching live to hitters demands proficiency in both areas.

P osition by position and player at a time Coach Gasso shows you her secrets for preparing her team. This is a must-see DVD from a great coach that will help you take your team to the next level. 93 minutes. 2014.