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30 Proven Drills for Increasing Offensive Production

30 Proven Drills for Increasing Offensive Production

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featuring George Wares, Central College Head Coach, over 1,000 Career wins - most winning coach in NCAA Division III softball history; distinguished member of the National Fastpitch Coaches Hall of Fame (2007); 4x National Championship Coach. And Alicia O'Brien, Central College Associate Head Coach

There are many components to a successful and productive offense. A batter must have numerous weapons in her arsenal in order to be successful. In this presentation, Coach George Wares, the most winning coach in NCAA Division III softball history, shows you how to create a productive offense that will put pressure on defenses and score more runs! Coach Wares shares over 30 of his favorite drills to develop hitters and slappers.

Tee Drills and Soft Toss Drills - Tee work is a building block of Coach Wares' offensive approach. Using live demonstrations, he explains six tee drills that allow hitters to focus more on their mechanics. Hitters progress to five soft toss drills that emphasize contact point. Throughout the drills, Coach Wares offers important points of emphasis for the hitter and the coach.

Cage and Live Hitting Drills - Teach your hitters to put pressure on opposing pitchers by only swinging at strikes. Coach Wares shares five cage drills he uses with batters to help develop strike zone discipline and work on pitches of different speeds. Finally, hitters progress into live hitting situations where the batter is competing with the pitcher to get a hit. Coach Wares uses these opportunities to check his batters' mindsets. You'll see how he helps his players learn to deal with failure by checking in with them and asking about their mindset after they experience a failure.

Bunt Drills - One key to having a productive offense is possessing many weapons. Bunting is one of those important weapons for advancing runners without pressuring the batter to get a hit. Coach Wares explains six bunting drills, which his players demonstrate, that will help your hitter get the bunt down when the game is on the line.

Slap Hitting Drills - Slappers will always put pressure on an opposing defense because they must play quicker. Learn how to further develop a slapper or convert a right-handed hitter into a slapper with Coach Wares' seven drills for slapping. Coach Wares also shows you how to help your slappers develop confidence on the left side by teaching them to hit away.

Coaches at all levels will find drills in this presentation that will help them make their practices more interesting and productive. 73 minutes. 2015.