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22 Proven Drills for Infielders and Outfielders

22 Proven Drills for Infielders and Outfielders

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with George Wares, Central College Head Coach, over 1,000 Career wins - most winning coach in NCAA Division III softball history; distinguished member of the National Fastpitch Coaches Hall of Fame (2007); 4x National Championship Coach. And Alicia O'Brien, Central College Associate Head Coach

Opposing offenses are faster than ever, applying constant pressure on defenses to play fast and not make any mistakes. To do this, a coach must develop fundamentally sound infielders and outfielders. In this presentation, four-time National Championship Coach George Wares shows how to meet that objective using 22 proven drills.

Outfield Drills - Coach Wares shares 12 drills to help outfielders' throwing, footwork, reaction and tracking skills. Coaches who struggle to find drills for indoor outfield work will especially benefit from this section. Use Coach Wares' three throwing drills, created specifically for outfielders, to teach players how to throw correctly with a long arm circle, so they'll have stronger arms and fewer injuries. Coach Wares also has his players demonstrate a few tennis ball drills that help outfielders perfect their fundamentals. Many of Coach Wares' outfield drills have a conditioning component, which gets players in top playing shape and force them to execute when they are tired.

Infield Drills - Make games easier by making practice tougher with Coach Wares' 10 drills for infielders. Coach Wares offers coaching advice and drills for practicing infielders' pre-pitch movement, soft hands, quick transfer and release, allowing your athletes to "play quicker." Many of Coach Wares' drills also give players a chance to work on certain mental skills like focus and concentration, while putting players in competitive situations.

Improve pitching performance and hold opposing offenses at bay with drills and strategies for an error-free defense from one of the game's best coaches. 71 minutes. 2015.