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Shiv Jagday Skills and Drills for Field Hockey 2-Pack

Shiv Jagday Skills and Drills for Field Hockey 2-Pack

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Featuring Shiv Jagday, FIH accredited coach;
former Canadian and USA national team coach, coaching national teams in the Olympic Games, World Cups and the Pan Am Games

This 2-video bundle includes:

Developing the First Touch in Passing and Receiving

  • Learn first touch techniques and strategies for teaching players how to create space, keep their eyes up and be in attack position
  • Learn how to train players to block receive while under pressure and closely marked by an opponent
  • Learn triangle formations for developing team balance and improving support around the ball
  • Learn how to divide the field into smaller sections to train players where they will be positioned in a game

49 minutes. 2015.

Tackling Drills, Techniques & Strategies for Field Hockey

  • Learn when, where and how to effectively tackle and control a ball handler's movement
  • Learn how to keep ball handlers out of scoring position
  • Learn how proper defensive footwork and stick feints can create chaos
  • Learn when to tackle to delay or take the ball from your opponent

46 minutes. 2015.

I recommend these videos to any coach or player who wants to learn more about skill development in hockey and improving themselves."
Barry Dancer, FIH Master Coach, Coach of the Australian Men's National Team, which won its first - and only - 2004 Athens Olympic Gold Medal, under his guidance.