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Situational Blocking Strategies

Situational Blocking Strategies

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Blocking strategies to take away your opponent's best attacker - or her best shot

with Anne Kordes,
University of Louisville Head Coach; 2015 ACC Champions;
2015 ACC Coach of the Year - her third coach of the Year honor at Louisville, also earning the award as the Big East (2012) and American Athletic Conference (2013) Coach of the Year; 2010 and 2011 USA Select National Team Lead Coach; past President of the American Volleyball Coaches Association

  • Teach your players who to block, how to decide and how to get there
  • Learn the three footwork patterns required to block in any situation
  • Learn how to adjust your blockers' spacing based on your opponent's hitters and scheme

Ann Kordes has designed a video to help break down every facet of the skill of blocking. You will get a lesson on blocking technique, but you'll also walk away with a full understanding of who to block and how to get in position to make the block. The in-depth strategies that Coach Kordes discusses are invaluable to coaches at all levels. On top of the explanations, she uses players to show drills that rehearse the strategies presented.

The first half of the video deals with the technical side of blocking - the mechanics and footwork of a good block. The second half of the video addresses the tactical side of blocking. Coach Kordes presents blocking strategies based on opposing hitter rotations and offensive patterns. She also believes playing to the strengths of your own blockers and back row defenders is key to a good strategy.

The Five "R's" of Successful Blocking

Coach Kordes explains her five "R's" of successful blocking, and how she implements those standards on her team. You will go through skill exercises to isolate specific fundamentals used for getting the "feel" for blocking.

Improving your blockers' ability to change directions mid-block will help them take away more of your opponents' shots. From footwork patterns to hand positioning, Coach Kordes makes the technical side of blocking simple to understand.

Additionally, you'll learn a system for taking blocking stats in practice and in competition.

Blocking Strategy and Situations

You'll see different blocking strategies to maximize effectiveness in any hitter/blocker match-up. Coach Kordes presents several options to allow your blockers to shift responsibilities based on your own needs as a team in a particular situation. Overload blocking, neutral-pinch read, blocking tandems, blocking crossing patterns, using zones of the net to communicate location of a block and small setter blocking are covered. Coach Kordes also introduces back row defenders to reinforce the role blocking plays in your defensive responsibilities and alignments.

You will also learn the hand signals Coach Kordes uses to communicate these strategies between her blockers and her back row defenders. She explains several situational blocking formations, ensuring comprehensive instruction on how to become more efficient and more effective blockers.

Coach Kordes runs through her techniques and tactics with tremendous detail. She escalates the complexity of her strategies so players and coaches of any skill level can take away valuable insight from a successful coach.

77 minutes. 2016.