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Situational Coaching for Volleyball 3-Pack

Situational Coaching for Volleyball 3-Pack

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Featuring Bond Shymansky,
University of Iowa Head Coach;
former Marquette University Head Coach; 2013 Big East Champs;
former Georgia Tech Head Volleyball Coach; 2004 ACC Coach of the Year

This 3 video bundle includes:

Situational Coaching for Dynamic Defense

Discover proven strategies and drills for training your defense to control chaos in the moment

  • Explore the strengths and weaknesses of four defensive systems so you can make in-game adjustments and prepare your team for any situation
  • Train your back row players to combat holes in the block and make dynamic defensive plays
  • Teach your blockers how to recover when they're late or out of position and still win points for your team

"I have been looking for something like this for a long time. This is something that I have been missing as a coach and I can guarantee many varsity and college coaches will feel the same way. This is an easy to follow and understand hand book of team dynamic defense." - Customer Review

74 minutes. 2016.

Situational Coaching for Explosive Offense

Make your offense more explosive and complicated to defend

  • Learn how to control tempo and arc points for the set
  • Teach the arm swing techniques necessary for an explosive attack
  • Learn how to attack from different zones at the net

"I have been a coach for 14 years. Been to the state final four 4 times and found this video so helpful." - Customer Review

66 minutes. 2016.

Situational Coaching for Winning the Last 5 Points

Prepare, plan and build a culture for winning close games

  • Learn how to effectively communicate with your team when a call doesn't go your way
  • Learn how to practice timeouts in crucial parts of the game
  • Find your team's "serial killer"

44 minutes. 2016.