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Switching the Point of Attack

Switching the Point of Attack

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Create quick touches, quick changes, and lots of offense!
  • Train your players to move the ball quickly in possession, then switch the attack to open up space
  • Focus on playing the ball quickly on the ground and across the field to create a numbers advantage
  • Learn how to keep moving the ball to isolate defenders in 1v1 situations

with Brian McMahon,
Palm Beach Atlantic University Head Coach;
2015 NCAA Elite Eight and NCAA South Region Champions, 2014 NCCAA Final Four and NCCAA South Region Champions, 2012 NAIA National Champions, 2012 NSCAA and the NAIA National Coach of the Year, over 300 wins at the collegiate coaching level

One of the biggest tactical dilemmas is creating numerical superiority when attacking. One of the best ways of doing this is to switch the point of attack.

Through a series of exercises, Brian McMahon demonstrates how he teaches his players to switch play and create a numbers up advantage through multi-gate switching games. He shows a clear progression that will help your team switch the point of attack quickly to gain numbers up throughout the pitch.

Coach McMahon provides in-depth illustrations, both on a white board and on the field, to show how to use the switch, starting from unopposed to full-sided games. You will learn how to properly warm up your team and how to teach your players the correct body position to switch. He also discusses when to attack with pace and when to slow it down and be patient.


The emphasis in Coach McMahon's United Warm Up is to prepare players for the physical load of the session. Some of the areas he covers include dynamic movements, static stretching, speed ladder and SAQ (speed, agility and quickness).

Channel Game

The Channel Game is a 5v5v5 small sided game that forces the team in possession to move the ball quickly and switch the play by manipulating the field. This is an excellent exercise to start right after a warm-up to get your players focused on switching the ball quickly.

Four Gates Game

The Four Gates Game is a dynamic drill that keeps your players sharp and focused. It starts out as a 4v4 game, but can increase into a 7v4 based on how quickly your team can keep possession and switch the point of attack. This small sided game creates many opportunities for players to train on switching and on-field awareness.

Six Gates Game

Coach McMahon puts everything together in a 6v6 small sided game. He demonstrates different progressions that incorporate all aspects of switching in a functional way.

Coach McMahon creates a fun, competitive environment that allows his players to have repeated success at switching the point of attack. Throughout the video, he stresses quick play, movement off the ball, and the importance of keeping the ball on the ground. Above all, he does a good job encouraging quick play without forcing the ball, allowing the ball to be switched with greater success.

58 minutes. 2016.