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Swimming Re-Imagined 2-Pack

Swimming Re-Imagined 2-Pack

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Featuring Matt Kredich,
University of Tennessee Head Swimming & Diving Coach (men and women);
2x SEC Women's Coach of the Year;
coach of 2x Olympic Silver Medalist, Christine Magnuson

and Bill Boomer,
University of Tennessee Assistant Coach; 2000 US Olympic Team Assistant Coach;
Pioneer of balanced swimming (using core muscles to minimize water resistance) with more than 50 years coaching experience

Bill Boomer is a revolutionary figure in the sport of swimming, who has incredible insights into how people swim and the best way to get them to move faster. He developed the language of Posture Line and Balance that is so instrumental in teaching correct movements in the water. After 50 plus years of coaching he continues to build on his own ideas and terminology while looking ahead to the future of swimming.

This two-video bundle includes:

Freestyle Reimagined

Teach swimmers how to adjust their bodies to manage the water environment, making them more fluid to gain speed while conserving their 'energetic cost'

  • Teach your swimmer about his/her aquatic line, and common errors to avoid, to become more efficient/faster in the water
  • Transition swimmers to more efficient balance stabilization, freeing their hands and feet to generate momentum for maximum sustainable speed
  • Teach each swimmer how recognize proper scapular arc to keep the body in line, reducing stress on the shoulders, providing more speed with less work
  • Learn how the restart position indicates the swimmer's freestyle mindset and how to adjust their stroke to be able to use the proper class of lever to create an impulse/space moving them forward

182 minutes (2 DVDs). 2015.

Blueprint for Turns and Starts

A scientific approach to teaching and training fast, efficient turns for any stroke

  • Master the 7 parts of the turn by learning how to develop each and how to put them together to create faster turns
  • Improve turns by using muscles from the inside out - not the outside in - to maximize power, speed and quickness off the walls
  • Learn drills that help swimmers manage drag forces, rotational forces, biomechanics, breath control, drive line, underwater harmonics (dolphin), and much more

347 minutes (3 Videos). 2016.