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How Low Can You Go, Vol. 3 - Beating the DefenseInternational Tie Series: Iranian and Russian AttacksChampionship Signature Move Series: Jesse Delgado's Single Leg Finishes and Funk DefenseChampionship Signature Move Series: Keith Gavin's Underhooks & Drags
Leg Attacks from a Dominant Wrist Control Position (Includes Left Leg Lead Techniques)Inside TripsObe Blanc's Single Leg Attacks Wrestling DVDLogan Stieber - Takedowns
Control Ties and Single Leg SetupsLee Kemp Single LegSingle Leg Finishes: From the Feet to the MatBrent Metcalf - High Crotch
Brent Metcalf - Front HeadlockEd Ruth - TakedownsTakedowns and Turns Wrestlng Training DVD
Learn the signature moves of four-time All American Joe LeBlanc!
Wrestling Coaching DVD
To be successful, wrestlers must be able to score from the tie-up.
Wrestling Coaching DVD
Techniques and drills to make your wrestlers more effective!
Wrestling Coaching DVD
Give your wrestler and team a distinct advantage!
Finishing the Single Leg Attack
Jeff Swenson shows you the "Augsburg way"!
Wrestling Instruction
The reset position shown allows a wrestler to reverse the control!
Wrestling Instructional Video
with John Smith, Oklahoma State University Head Coach
Wrestling Videos
Techniques to give you more opportunities to score!
Wrestling Instructional Videos
with Mark Ironside, 2X NCAA Champion
Wrestling Instruction Videos
Coach Davis presents 11 takedown techniques!
Wrestling Coaching
with Tom Ryan, Ohio State Head Coach
Wrestling Instructional DVD's
with Tom Brands, University of Iowa Head Coach
Wrestling Coaching Videos
with Tom Ryan, Ohio State University Head Coach
Wrestling Coaching Video
Give your wrestlers many options to score two - or go for the fall!
Wrestling Instruction
Smith teaches all parts of the low single leg takedown!