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Coaching High School Track & Field: Discus Throw

Coaching High School Track & Field: Discus Throw

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with Will Freeman,
Grinnell College Head Track & Field and Cross Country Coach;
former Chairman of USA Track & Field Coaching Education

In the first part of this excellent, two-part DVD, Coach Freeman presents a technical overview of the discus throw discussing each of the five phases of the event. Freeman pinpoints common errors that discus throwers make and shares the corrections and suggestions to utilize to develop proper technique. Freeman then moves into a functional training program for the discus throw. He begins with a look at the entire season, including seasonal objectives, and breaks down the season into four 5-week phases of development followed by daily priorities and session plans. Freeman shares a sample weekly plan with day-by-day practice plans and detailed sample workouts for strength training and conditioning, including routines for general strength development and discus throw-specific routines as well. Freeman concludes the first section with a useful film analysis of the discus throw. In the second section of the DVD, Freeman offers a "hands on" technical breakdown of the discus throw, sharing specific technical components of every phase of the event and offers skill-specific drills to develop each component of the throw. 95 minutes. 2006. DVD.