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Coaching Hurdlers: Planning Guide for Success

Coaching Hurdlers: Planning Guide for Success

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with Gary Winckler,
University of Illinois Women's Track Coach;
2X NCAA Champions (indoor and outdoor);
3X NCAA Coach of the Year

Coach Winckler applies his expertise to the area of program organization for your hurdlers. This process starts by identifying your training tasks and objectives. In a high school or middle school environment, Winckler believes it is important to identify groups of athletes that work well together. The training year consists of a general (4-8 weeks), specific (2-4 weeks) and competition phase (through the end of the season). General fitness, strength and endurance are the objectives of the general period. The specific preparation phase should focus on technique, speed and special endurance. Technical activities are performed when the athlete is fresh and learns at a higher level. Five segments of the workout session include the warm-up, technical aspects, power, strength and cool down. Winckler then takes the weekly training period and details each day of the week and the activities each day. Planning starts with training menus, which comprise all of the drills and exercises that will be used during the season. In addition, Winckler uses athletes to demonstrate the warm-up exercise program. 58 minutes. 2007. DVD.