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Jack Daniel's: The Grassroots Of Coaching Cross Country

Jack Daniel's: The Grassroots Of Coaching Cross Country

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with Jack Daniels, Ph.D.,
Center for High Altitude Training;
State University of New York at Cortland former head track and cross-country coach,
8X NCAA Division III National Champions

In this presentation, legendary distance coach Jack Daniels shares the ins and outs of coaching Cross Country at the grassroots level. Coach Daniels feels it is essential to know your athlete's running background and believes that workouts should be designed according to the experience of each athlete. Daniels shares advice on goal setting and recommends goal setting for all runners that include both their training goals and the goals for the racing season. For grassroots training, Daniels shares how to break up the season into training phases and also shares training specifics for each phase of the season, detailing the types of training that include long runs and interval training, and threshold training. Daniels also elaborates on how to account for races in the training cycle. On the technical side of coaching cross country runners, Daniels discusses running stride, turnover rate and breathing. On the team side of coaching cross country, Daniels shares strategies for racing, and training together, to motivate performing at the highest level. 47 minutes. 2008.


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