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Jack Daniels: The Grassroots of Coaching Middle Distance & Distance Runners

Jack Daniels: The Grassroots of Coaching Middle Distance & Distance Runners

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with Jack Daniels, Ph.D.,
Center for High Altitude Training;
State University of New York at Cortland former head track and cross-country coach,
8X NCAA Division III National Champions

Distance coaching great Jack Daniels shares grassroots technical and training strategies for coaching middle distance and distance runners. Daniels feels it is essential to evaluate a runner's stride and to experiment with breathing patterns that are best suited for each individual runner that you coach. He shares strategies for experimenting with your runners to find the optimal stride and breathing pattern for each runner. Daniels presents the technical aspects of proper distance running - rolling over the ground versus bounding over the ground - that can negatively impact a runner in terms increased injuries and decreased running efficiency. Daniels shows how to account for a runner's fitness level at the start of the season. This helps to determine grouping for the most effective training. He moves into training strategies and offers ideas on how to mix longer, easy running with sprint repeats with the goal of running with good mechanics, speed and running economy. Finally, Daniels displays seasonal planning recommendations that include four distinct phases and considerations for individualizing the plan to meet individual runners' needs. Also included are scientifically backed workout specifics that are easy to understand and implement into your program. 44 minutes. 2008.


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