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High School Coach's Blueprint for Success: Sprints

High School Coach's Blueprint for Success: Sprints

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with Mark Brady,
DeSoto TX High School Head Coach
Get the tools you need to build a successful sprint program on and off the track. Mark Brady passes along strategies, techniques, tips and drills to help you successfully build your sprint program for individual events and the relays. 

Make every minute of your practice time count by ensuring that every aspect of your training has a focus and a purpose. 

Brady reveals his systematic approach to training including his max velocity warm-up for developing speed and his max velocity run. This practice sequence can easily be done with over 70 athletes and works not only as a practice sequence but also as a meet sequence. 

Maximize the performance of your sprinters on meet day with Brady's meet day sequence. The meet day sequence is plotted out by Brady on a time line that correlates with the athlete's first race. 

Brady provides narration, technical tips and teaching points as his athletes demonstrate each of these sequences.

Brady is a believer that strength equates to speed and shows how he builds force and power in his athletes. He explains and demonstrates his weight room circuit that includes five stations with four exercises per station and includes his end of practice flexibility protocol to promote injury free training. 

Gain technical insight and comprehensive strategies for seasonal planning, starts, relays and more. 

See a breakdown of Brady's season-long training plan along with examples of his weekly plans for each phase of the season. 

Get detailed strategies and techniques for teaching a fast and powerful start, comprehensive training for the 400 and strategies and exchange techniques for the 4 x 400, 4x200 and the 4x100 relays. 

Each section is accompanied by marker board breakdowns and on-track demonstrations. 

Brady concludes the presentation with strategies he has used to build successful track and field programs at several schools. He includes thoughts on recruiting athletes, combining the boys and girls coaching staffs, selling coaches in other sports on your program, how to work with elite athletes, and more!

Coach Brady's proven strategies that are certain to improve your sprint program! 

134 minutes. 2011.

This DVD is part of the set: The Complete High School Coach's Blueprint for Success Series