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Texas A&M Track & Field Series - Drills and Progressions for Championship Pole Vault

Texas A&M Track & Field Series - Drills and Progressions for Championship Pole Vault

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with Jim VanHootegem, Texas A&M Assistant Track Coach; Back-to-Back-to-Back Men's & Women's NCAA Champions (2011, 2010, 2009); in 2011 he was named a Mondo Regional Assistant Coach of the Year by the United States Track Coaches Association; coached A&M's first-ever NCAA Champion in the long jump in 2011; member of five NCAA Championship coaching staffs

Texas A&M Assistant Coach Jim Vanhootegem explains the teaching progression of skills and drills for one of the most exciting events in track & field--the pole vault. Assistant Jumps Coach and former DIII All-American vaulter Mike Bina provides demonstrations of each technique and drill.

You will be introduced to basic Multi-Jump Activities using a short pole to train the proper use of the legs and hips. Coach Vanhootegem shows sprint mechanics with the pole carry followed by drill progressions which include: Single Leg Baby Bounds, Sprint Mechanics, and Jogging down the runway. These seven drills are crucial for getting comfortable with the basics of pole vaulting.

Next is a series of drills that teach the Grip & Pole Carry, Pole Plant, Walking Plant Drills, Jogging Plant Drills, a progression of Wall Plant Drills, and a session on Bending the Pole and Takeoff Drills. All in all, Coach Bina demonstrates over 25 useful and easy to follow drills.

The video also includes demonstrations of several different pole vault specific strength training exercises.

This pole vault DVD simplifies one of the most technically demanding events breaking it down into an easy to follow set of progressive teaching steps. Each coach delivers numerous coaching points (in graphic format) that help clarify and teach what is happening in the demonstrations.

If you are new to pole vaulting, need to brush up on a few things, or want to learn one of the most exciting and high flying events track and field has to offer, this video will send you and your vaulters to new heights! 42 minutes. 2012. DVD.

This DVD is part of the set: Texas A&M Track and Field Drill Series

Product Summary: Champion coach Jim VanHootegem shares drills and activities that will help you build great pole vaulters!

Editorial Review: This dvd includes drills and demonstrations that provide instructional progressions for pole vault training. Overall Rating: 4.5 out of 5.