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Clyde Hart's Speed Development for Track & Field

Clyde Hart's Speed Development for Track & Field

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with Clyde Hart,
Baylor University Director of Track and Field and 400M Coach;
Hart has coached eight Olympians to 12 Olympic medals -- 9 Gold, including winning the 400 meter in three straight Olympic games.While at Baylor, Hart has coached 34 national champions (14 individual and 20 relay) and 533 All-Americans. Hart-coached athletes include Michael Johnson, Jeremy Wariner, Darold Williamson and Sanya Richards-Ross!
Track & field coaching legend Clyde Hart reveals what he has learned in becoming one of the most successful coaches in track and field history. Coach Hart provides you with all the tools you need to develop speed-producing sprint mechanics in your athletes. He includes coaching wisdom, training philosophy, sprint drills, workouts, and much more. From hand and arm movements to foot strike and stride, Hart covers sprint mechanics like never before.

Using personal stories and examples, Coach Hart begins the video with a discussion on how he has identified talented sprinters over the years. He unveils the key ingredients to developing a talented sprinter: Proper sprint mechanics, building a yearly sprint training program and creating a strength training program that properly supplements the track work.

Hart breaks down each of the proper movements and mechanics a fundamentally sound sprinter needs. From hand and arm movements to foot strike and stride length, stride rate, relaxation, and the mental framework required to separate you from your competition. Hart covers it all!

In the sprint training segment, athletes demonstrate many of the drills and workouts Hart has utilized over the years to create explosive power and to develop some of the world's best sprinters. He also touches on the use of training aids - ladders, weighted sleds, resistance bands - and how they can be implemented into your program.

No sprint video would be complete without warm ups. Starting with a warm-up run you will see 15 different active and dynamic stretching routines, followed by a few of the training workouts like the: Speed Makers, Event 300's, and even a set of Bleacher Drills.

See how Coach Hart incorporates strength training to create a competitive edge on race day. You will see how Coach Hart uses Olympic lifts, plyometrics, bounding, and more to develop the strength that translates into speed.

This comprehensive DVD is a must have for any sprint coach or athlete who wants to know Clyde Hart's keys to speed!

109 minutes. 2012. DVD.

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Coaching Tip: When it comes to motivating athletes it is important to remember that not all individuals respond in the same way. Therefore, it is important for a coach to realize that different approaches may need to be used for different athletes. Or, a flexible coaching style can be employed that allows athletes to focus on the methods that work best for them while providing 'something for everyone'. Coaching styles can vary from 'the yeller' to 'the nice guy' and everything in between.