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Drills & Technical Skills for Hurdling

Drills & Technical Skills for Hurdling

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with Dr. Tommie Lee White, PhD,
University of Southern California Men's & Women's Assistant Coach/Hurdles;
2006 U.S. Track and Field/Cross Country Coaches Association Regional Assistant Coach of the Year; Has coached 6 National Champion hurdlers and 9 collegiate All-Americans; As an athlete, White was ranked among the top 10 110-meter hurdlers in the world (his best ranking was No. 3 in 1971)
USC hurdles coach, Tommie Lee White, takes you on an "educational journey" as he introduces you to 24 drills that will undoubtedly make you a better hurdler. Using a simple to follow, detailed approach, Coach White simplifies one of track and field's most demanding events.

The focus of this DVD is on teaching the athlete the critical processes related to becoming a better hurdler. Coordination, timing, quickness, bounce, strength, focus, concentration and pro-active aggression in `sprinting' the hurdles are discussed.

Biomechanics such as: rotational action and reaction, angular velocity and acceleration, torque, movement of inertia, along with the movement of the center of gravity and even running on the balls of the feet are covered in an easy to follow format. On-track video demonstrations by a USC female athlete makes this `doctoral of hurdling' easy to understand!

By using the Double Leg Skip Drill, High Knees Drill, Single Leg High Knee Drill, Step Over Hurdle Drill, to name a few, you will begin to see the importance of perfecting one skill before moving on to the next. Coach White uses a clearly defined approached to the total development of all ages and ability of hurdlers.

Included in the DVD is a document that includes a brief description of each drill and the focus and benefits of each. Add your own notes and print it out for your drill catalog or take it to practice.

This DVD covers a wealth of knowledge from one of track & fields most highly educated coaches. Whether you are a coach or athlete, there is plenty to learn from this well-produced and easy to understand video.

48 minutes. 2012. DVD.