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Mega Drills for the Discus

Mega Drills for the Discus

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with John Ridgway Central Michigan University Throws Coach; USATF Level 2 certified coach
and Greg Pilling, Dynamo Throws Club Coach, former CMU discus thrower, Mid-American Conference record holder

Take a step-by-step look at an effective teaching progression and the drills needed to become a champion discus thrower at any level. With live demonstrations from three throwers, you will see three different throwing styles in action.

This video offers nearly two hours of valuable information and an extensive array of drills. Listen in as Level 2 Certified Coach John Ridgeway explains how to teach the discus from start to finish.

The list of exercises in this video is so comprehensive that it will allow coaches to infuse fresh material in nearly every practice.

Hot topics include skip drills, blocking techniques, right-side acceleration drills, rotation drills, plyometric exercises and medicine ball drills. Coach Ridgeway breaks down the goals of a successful discus throw into a simple, but easy to follow lesson plan for the coach:
The Grip
Beginner Drills
The Release
Ankle Pivot
Linear Motion
Rotational Transition
Accelerated Movement
A few of the drills introduced include: The Two Finger Pendulum Drill, Skips Drill, Ankle Turns, Knee Tuck Drill, and the Artificial Orbit-Half Turn Drill. You will also see how implementing a javelin or other straight bar into many of the drills helps to emphasize the importance of proper body alignment.

This video includes video footage of elite athletes demonstrating the proper technique for each drill.

Utilizing heavy weighted discs, 35 lb. weight throws, and med balls, Ridgeway delivers discus-specific strength drills to get your athletes discus-strong and meet-ready.

This detailed, straight forward video will provide you with the drills you need to keep your practices fresh, deliver a variety of approaches to coaching your throws and most importantly add distance to your throws.

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