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Tips, Tricks and Tools for Teaching Tennis

Tips, Tricks and Tools for Teaching Tennis

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Use fun, creative teaching methods to effectively train players and keep them engaged in practice
  • Learn how to use towels, cones, jump ropes and more to improve swing technique and conditioning
  • Get tips and tricks on how to improve serve, ground stroke and volley efficiency
  • Learn how to use ball hoppers and balance discs to promote a steady weight shift on the serve

with Bruce Gullikson,
USPTA Elite Professional; President, USPTA Northern Division;
High Performance Certified;
Head Tennis Professional at Lifetime 98th St Club

Have you ever wondered how you could use some of the equipment you have lying around to train your athletes?

Bruce Gullikson, Head Tennis Professional at Lifetime 98th St Club and USPTA Elite Professional, delivers a video packed with innovative ways to use objects like ball hoppers, towels, balance discs, cones, jump ropes and cell phones to improve the ability of your players. You'll also get tips and tricks for hitting specific shots, including ground strokes, volleys, drop shots and more.

Utilizing Equipment

Coach Gullikson has his players demonstrate how to use common objects to enhance their skills. For example, you'll learn how to use a ball hopper to train athletes to keep their weight on their back leg during a serve. After a few reps, your athletes will be able to move on to hitting a regular serve while applying the techniques they just learned.

Using cones can be another fun and effective training method. Your players will learn how to use cones as a visual aid to build hand-eye coordination and to properly orient their racquets to the ball.

Balance disks are perfect for getting players into an athletic position and encouraging a smooth swing. As your athletes stand on balance disks, they'll improve their leg strength, core strength, ground strokes and serving ability. Other objects that Coach Gullikson uses to teach his athletes include jump ropes, towels and cell phones.

Tips and Tricks

You'll learn Coach Gullikson's advice for mental toughness, balance and various types of shots as he breaks down drills and offers suggestions for his players in a live setting.

It's essential to be relaxed and use a "catch and release" method on ground strokes, according to Coach Gullikson. In the "Rule of One Bounce" section, you'll hear him explain why players should have their serves get to the back wall or fence in one bounce to make returning the ball tougher for the opponent. More tips, tricks and drills are included that cover backhand slices, volleys, overheads, drop shots and using the continental grip.

This video contains training methods that are effective for coaches of all levels. This season, keep your players engaged in practice with Coach Gullikson's innovative tips and drills.

54 minutes. 2015.