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Becoming a Champion Tennis Player: The Serve

Becoming a Champion Tennis Player: The Serve

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with Bill Mountford,
USTA National Tennis Center Director of Tennis (NTC),
US Open Director of Player Operations, USPTA Eastern Division President, Founder of the HEAD Junior Tennis Academy (NJ), USTA.com contributor (Tips of the Week & Ask Bill columns)

In this excellent "how to" tennis DVD, Bill Mountford demonstrates over a dozen drills that will help improve your confidence in the most important shot in tennis, the serve! He begins by explaining the basic guidelines of serving, including proper foot positioning, grip strength, racket head acceleration, and ball toss. With the help of his students, Mountford then demonstrates an arsenal of serving drills which focus on improving individual dynamics of the serve, developing all around coordination, and improving performance in pressure situations and under fatigue. In nearly every situation, Mountford explains the drill to you as a player, and provides teaching tips for coaches - this DVD offers valuable advice and training ideas to tennis players and tennis coaches at all levels! 47 minutes. 2005. DVD.