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Bruce Gullikson 2-Pack

Bruce Gullikson 2-Pack

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Drills and Games for High Performance Tennis
with Bruce Gullikson,
Tennis Professional 98th Street Athletic Club (MN)

Bruce Gullikson believes that coaches are always looking for new ways to teach the game. With this in mind, he shares many new and creative drills and games for improved tennis. Coach Gullikson starts with five warm-up drills to prepare for live play. The drill session begin with Z drills. In this 2-minute drill, two players hit straight ahead while two hit cross court. From there he moves to 2-on-1 drills to work on baseline technique, net play and endurance. Two-on-two drills include Davis Cup, corner feed, smash feed, lob doubles, go drill, Macci drill and the nasty feed drill. These drills are very demanding and push players to play while fatigued. The third drill segment includes 1-on-1 drills and games. This drill package presents variety and individual competition. This DVD concludes with several large group games. Dozens of innovative, fundamental drills make this excellent presentation on tennis drills and games a valuable coaching tool! 80 minutes. 2007. DVD.

Bruce Gullikson: Games & Drills to Build a Successful High School Tennis Program Featuring Steve Paulsen
with Bruce Gullikson,
Tennis Professional (98th Street Athletic Club)
and featuring Steve Paulsen,
Edina (MN) HS Girls Tennis Coach & coach of 13 MN State Team titles (9 in a row through '06)

Through the start of the 2006 season, Coach Paulsen has coached the Edina girls' tennis team to victory in over 160 matches in a row as well as nine straight State Championships. This DVD is filled with more than 10 drills and games that Paulsen uses everyday in practice that has helped build Edina girls tennis into a tennis powerhouse. Paulsen begins with doubles drills. In these drills a lot of emphasis is placed on the first three hits, which is generally when the point is won. The drills in this section work on serve, volley, movement and consistency. In singles drills, the groundstrokes are the focus. Again, these drills work on consistency and movement. The DVD concludes with a number of games that stress fundamentals, but are done in a fun atmosphere. All these drills and games allow the players to hit a large amount of balls in a short amount of time while getting a quality workout. Interspersed between the drill segment is a Q & A session that reveal Paulsen's philosophies towards building a championship program. 42 minutes. 2007. DVD.

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