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High School Coaching Academy: Conditioning and Quickness Training

High School Coaching Academy: Conditioning and Quickness Training

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with Lawrence Eyre, Maharishi School (IA) Head Tennis Coach;
USPTA "National High School Coach of the Year" 2009,
Professional 1 Certified Tennis Teacher(USPTA -1991),
16 State of Iowa Titles (4 team, 7 singles, 5 doubles), 10 runner-up (7 team, 1 singles, 2 doubles)
featured in Sports Illustrated "Faces in the Crowd"

Lawrence Eyre has taught and coached 15,000 tennis players over an impressive career that spans several decades of changing equipment, ideas and facilities. As a result, Eyre knows the challenge of putting together a tennis-specific strength, conditioning and quickness training program that works in the off-season, pre-season and in-season. 

This DVD contains a collection of games and drills that can be applied to a wide variety of court conditions, team sizes and talent levels.

From the warm-up to the cool down and everything in between, Eyre shares all of the games, exercises and drills that he uses, with consistent success, to improve his players' fitness levels, prevent the occurrence of repetitive, overuse injuries and keep practices fun and competitive. 

You will appreciate Eyre's coaching points throughout the DVD - perfectly timed to eliminate any confusion in how to organize a game or drill and/or why this drill is done, as well as insights on team building, hydration, rest and more. 

This excellent tennis DVD also includes a resourceful `Rube Goldberg Machine' of eight training stations, all operating simultaneously on one court. It includes reaction drills, weight training, running and plyometrics, plus, tennis-specific drills on court - both with and without tennis rackets. Your team will love it! 

Eyre-coached teams have played for the State Team Championship 11 times in the past 24 seasons despite being the smallest school in the State of Iowa with a tennis team!

90 minutes. 2011.


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