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Tennis: Winning the Mental Match

Tennis: Winning the Mental Match

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with Allen Fox, Ph.D.; former Pepperdine Head Men's Tennis Coach, Wimbledon quarter-finalist; 3x member of the U.S. Davis Cup team; 2x NCAA champion, UCLA Athletic Hall of Fame, Southern California Tennis Hall of Fame, Intercollegiate Coaches Hall of Fame, International Tennis Hall of Fame

Renowned sports psychologist and tennis guru Allen Fox tackles one of the least-understood and often under-coached areas in the sport - winning the `mental match' that goes on inside your head.

In an intimate, 'fireside chat-like' setting, Coach Fox shares his thoughts and insights on a variety of compelling topics (choking, anger, discouragement, nerves, fear, and more) centered around gaining an understanding of the process of how and why competition-based emotions arise so routinely and how an understanding and recognition of them is a step towards overcoming their impact on your game in the future.

A "must-see," information-packed session for all coaches and serious tennis players! DVD. 73 minutes. 2014.

"Allen Fox is one of the true giants of the game! If you truly want to understand the mental challenges of this game and play, or coach, better because of it, this video, by the world's most renowned expert, will significantly help you in your journey!" - Dick Gould, 17x NCAA Championship Coach at Stanford University

"This video is an incredible teaching tool that will help players of all levels play up to their potential and enjoy their tennis more. I benefitted from these same techniques and knowledge during my career, and I am sure you will as well. This video will help you understand and solve many of the mental problems we all run into in competition. I can unequivocally recommend this video to any coaches or players wanting to understand, and improve, their mental games." - Richard Gallien, Women's Head Coach, USC

Product Summary: Winning on the tennis court requires physical domination of your opponent as well as control of your own emotions. Allen Fox covers the topics and techniques that will help you maintain control of your mind and game.

Editorial Review: This unique presentation provides a great deal of useful information on a topic that does not get nearly enough attention from tennis players and coaches. Overall Rating: 4.2 out of 5.