Touch and Turn in Transition

Touch and Turn in Transition

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Help your team get comfortable with uncomfortable transition situations with Suzie Fritz,
Kansas State University Head Coach; 2x Big 12 Coach of the Year

  • Train players to dig to the heart of the court to create a usable ball for your offense
  • Get your middle hitters some "daylight" in transition, making them more visible to the setter
  • Train hitters to use proper footwork in transition, eliminate wasted steps and become more productive

In the game of volleyball, no two rallies are the same. Transition is messy and there are always different situations that require swift, decisive reactions. You'll learn how to train your players to get comfortable with being uncomfortable when it comes to transitioning from defense to offense.

Suzie Fritz demonstrates drills that help athletes dig balls that are usable by the setter to run an offense. She also touches upon hitter transition and how to get players to be efficient in all types of situations.

Run Offense Off of Defense

Coach Fritz stresses throughout the video that players need to be trained to get comfortable getting a productive touch and digging the ball to the heart of the floor, which allows the setter to have all options available and gives them time to get to the ball. She demonstrates a drill progression that gives players reps digging balls and running the offense out of the left, right and middle. This controlled drill series gives blockers the opportunity to get touches and then transition as they prepare to attack.

Coach Fritz enters balls from all hitting areas of the net and explains the percentages that teams attack from each area. This helps give coaches an idea of how much training they should spend doing from each area.

Breaking to the Dig

Many coaches spend little time training, or even paying attention to, how their setter releases and gets ready to set. Coach Fritz shows how it should be done with a back row and front row setter. She bases her philosophy on "don't go until you know" - which gives setters and their team a much better chance to get an attack in most situations.

Transitional Footwork

Coach Fritz's philosophy is a little different than the norm. She teaches transitional footwork that doesn't rely on counting steps, but getting back and turned quickly so players can immediately go and attack. Coach Fritz has players demonstrate how to hop turn and be open to the court, no matter where the pass is coming from. While demonstrating efficient footwork, she teaches you drills to give players reps defending attacks from the left, right and middle.

6v6 Drills

Coach Fritz shows six 6-on-6 drills/games that put everything together. These drills create various types of situations where teams must play the ball and get it to the heart of the court to run an offense. These drills will help teams to be comfortable and confident in getting a swing, no matter how the ball was given to them. The game Winning in Transition is a great team drill that creates as many transition opportunities as possible. The drills involve putting in a variety of balls to one side, where players must try to win the rally to score. Coaches can enter the ball in any fashion they feel is necessary for their team.

These drills and philosophies on transition from Coach Fritz will soon have your team dominating in situations they were once uncomfortable in.

"In my opinion this is the best training session I have ever viewed for working on running an offense off of defense. ... Her insights and teaching cues make it really easy for viewers to understand her philosophies and incorporate them into their team's trainings." - Customer Review

Produced at the 2015 AVCA National Convention.

56 minutes. 2016.