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Top Position

Dominant Technique and Attacks from the Top PositionWrestling BreakdownClaw Ride and Leg Turns Wrestling DVD
Give your wrestlers a dominant series!
Wrestling Instructional DVD
More back points leads to more wins!
Wrestling Training DVD
Teach your athletes how to chain wrestle!
Wrestling Training DVD
The essential techniques needed to turn and pin your opponent!
wrestling videos
Hudson Taylor reveals the secrets of his pinning success!
Wrestling Instructional DVD
with Dan Gable, won 15 NCAA Championships
Wrestling Instruction DVD's
Break your opponent down to the mat!
Wrestling Training DVD's
A pin is the most exciting move in wrestling!
Wrestling Instruction DVD's
These techniques will work for any level of wrestler at any weight!
Wrestling Coaching Videos
Learn how to dominate from the top position!
Wrestling Training
Kerry McCoy, Stanford University Head Coach