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Training the Battery Through the Legs and Core

Training the Battery Through the Legs and Core

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Discover 10 pitching drills that will develop your pitchers' power source - their legs.

  • Train your pitchers to stay on their power line during and after the pitch to improve power and accuracy
  • Get five competitive drills for teaching pitching strategies and for simulating game-like pressures
  • Get 10 drills and fundamentals for training catchers to block pitches, frame pitches and effectively throw to bases

with Christina Sutcliffe,
Northern Illinois University Head Coach;
back-to-back MAC Tournament runners-up (2013-14)

With explosive offenses becoming a softball staple, pitchers must be stronger than ever to shut down opposing hitters. Christina Sutcliffe gives you 25 drills for training your pitchers and catchers. Coach Sutcliffe shows you how to teach pitchers to use their legs and compete better, and then moves on to the catchers, focusing on framing, throwing and blocking.

The pitching motion starts from the ground up, so Coach Sutcliffe starts her work by focusing on pitcher's legs. Coach Sutcliffe shares 10 drills that emphasize the role of the legs in the pitching motion. These drill focus on developing leg strength, staying balanced and being explosive through the pitch.

Coach Sutcliffe introduces five game-like drills that simulate the competitive pressures pitchers face on game day. These drills not only incorporate competition, they also help teach the strategy of pitching and where to throw certain pitches based on counts.

Give your pitchers the confidence to throw any pitch in their arsenal by training your catchers to receive or block (if necessary) any pitch. Catchers can help the pitchers get more called strikes by framing pitches that are close to the strike zone. Coach Sutcliffe offers three drills to help catchers make close pitches look better to the umpire. You'll also see four drills to help your catchers develop leg strength and block pitches in the dirt.

Help your catcher who doesn't have a strong arm - or make your strong-armed catcher even better - by practicing quick transitions to each base. Coach Sutcliffe explains some of the mechanics catchers need to master when throwing the ball to different bases. She explains and demonstrates three throwing drills that will help your catchers throw out runners on bunts, pick offs and steals.

Coach Sutcliffe shows you how to get the most out of your battery by having your pitchers and catchers work together and build their game from the ground up.

74 minutes. 2015.