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UNC Baseball System

UNC Baseball System

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Featuring Scott Forbes,
University of North Carolina Associate Head Coach/Pitching Coach;
helped lead UNC to three College World Series appearances (2009, '11, '13);
Collegiate Baseball newspaper's 2008 National College Pitching Coach of the Year;
has coached the top three strikeout pitchers in UNC history; the UNC pitching staff had the fourth-lowest ERA in the nation in 2012; collegiate coach of Daniel Bard, Andrew Miller and Matt Harvey

and Scott Jackson, University of North Carolina Assistant Coach;
helped lead UNC to three College World Series appearances (2009, '11, '13);
recognized in 2013 by Baseball America as one of the country's top assistant coaches;
helped the Tar Heels set a school record fielding percentage of .979, fifth best in the country in 2011; helped develop the defensive skills of several MLB draftees, including Colin Moran, Levi Michael, Dustin Ackley and Kyle Seager.

This 6-video bundle includes:

Daily Throwing Program for Developing Pitchers

  • Get daily dynamic exercises for maintaining pitchers' stamina and arm strength
  • Learn how to effectively incorporate a flat ground bullpen session into your daily throwing program
  • Learn how to teach pitchers the mental approach to pitching
  • Learn three things to look for in daily throwing sessions to break bad habits and develop consistent pitchers with peak command and velocity

74 minutes. 2015.

Developing Your Bullpen & Relievers

  • Get a quick warm-up routine that can be tailored to your pitchers
  • Learn how to create game situations in your bullpen sessions to better prepare your pitchers for any situation
  • Learn how to improve game performance by teaching pitchers to have a purpose for every pitch they throw in practices and games
  • Teach your pitchers how to prepare to enter a game quickly

58 minutes. 2015.

Controlling the Running Game & Fielding the Position

  • Get a mix of three pick-off moves to keep baserunners guessing and reduce stolen bases
  • Learn how to use a jab step to deliver the ball more quickly to the plate
  • Learn how to execute all bunt defenses from the mound, including sacrifice bunts, a suicide squeeze and a safety squeeze
  • Discover how to develop your pitcher's mound presence so they remain cool, calm, and collected during games

63 minutes. 2015.

Daily Drill Progressions & Mechanics for Infielders

  • Develop a great foundation for infield play utilizing practical and efficient daily drills
  • Teach proper footwork to make plays from a variety of angles
  • Improve throwing consistency by practicing a variety of game situations and using a daily throwing progression program
  • Learn how to recognize and teach mechanics, skills, communication strategies and characteristics necessary to perform at a high level

105 minutes. 2015.

Daily Drill Progressions & Mechanics for Outfielders

  • Learn how to improve the footwork, momentum and body control of your outfielders for quicker, more accurate throws
  • Develop outfield anticipation and arm strength, and reduce opportunities for hits, stretch singles to doubles or score runs
  • Learn how to implement an effective, progressive throwing session for your outfielders
  • Learn how to develop first-step quickness when pursuing fly balls to the left, right or over the head

58 minutes. 2015.

Daily Routines, Mechanics & Preparation for Hitting

  • Learn fundamental goals and strategies for batting practice to maximize offensive opportunities and improve run production
  • Learn how to utilize hitting drills and batting practice to create an individualized approach for developing successful hitters
  • Learn daily drills that build solid mechanics, confidence and a game-ready approach
  • Get strategies for improving a hitter's rhythm, lower body mechanics, and posture to create a more efficient and successful swing

118 minutes. 2015.