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Using Video Feedback to Improve Skills

Using Video Feedback to Improve Skills

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Embrace technology to improve your team and enhance your coaching philosophy.

with David Kniffin, University of California-Irvine Head Men's Volleyball Coach;
2013 National Champions;
2015 Mountain Pacific Sports Federation Champions (regular season and Tournament);
2015 Mountain Pacific Sports Federation Coach of the Year; Volleyball Magazine Coach of the Year in 2013

  • Learn how to use four different forms of video to give immediate feedback to your players
  • Inspire and empower players with immediate video feedback
  • Learn how to effectively talk to your team as video is being shown

Video technology has improved volleyball coaches' ability to analyze practice and match footage and to give both instant and future feedback to players.

National Championship coach David Kniffin believes that "every moment is a learning moment" and that giving your players video feedback enables them to make the greatest strides in improvement. He shares his ideas on using video technology to help improve skills and explains why and how it can help coaches.

Coach Kniffin goes into great detail of how coaches need to create a coaching philosophy, along with how their philosophy can be enhanced with the use of video technology during practice and game situations. Video provides objective feedback, making it an essential tool for both players and coaches.

You'll see examples of how to provide feedback using video and what to pay attention to when going through video with your athletes.

There are many different tools to choose from when it comes to video analysis. Coach Kniffin shares how to choose the best tool for your needs by discussing:

  • how to invest in video technology
  • what kind of software you may want to use
  • what is available to achieve certain goals

Coach Kniffin explains the different styles and techniques for watching video that will enhance player understanding. He also discusses apps, websites and equipment that can be used and demonstrates how these tools help players take ownership in their development.

You will also learn how video technology can be used in pre-match, post-match and in-match situations. Sometimes coaches aren't in the right mind set or may not see everything that goes on as it is happening making video review a necessary component of a championship coach's program.

Video can be a great resource for coaches, especially in this day and age of visual learners. Information is empowering and inspiring when it can be immediately applied, and Coach Kniffin shows you how to maximize your potential with this how-to on coaching technology.

Produced at the 2014 AVCA Annual Convention in Oklahoma City, OK.

40 minutes. 2015.