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Foundations Series: Disc 2: Serving

Foundations Series: Disc 2: Serving

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with Mary Wise,
University of Florida

Whether you are coaching a beginning-level volleyball team, or are a player looking to improve upon the "foundations" and fundamental skills of your game, this video series will benefit you! Each video in this series is designed using a similar format. Mary Wise first has college-level players demonstrate the skill to be featured in the video. Through correct modeling of the technique, you and your players will get an excellent look at the skill and the very best technique to perform the skill correctly. Wise then takes a look at teaching the skill to a beginning-level volleyball squad; she breaks each skill down to the very core, featuring how to teach the skill and the drills to use to help each player learn the skill correctly. In each video, she concludes with demonstration (again with the college-level players) of more advanced-level techniques of the featured skill...showing all coaches and players where their skill progression can take their game! 1999. 34 minutes. DVD.

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An invaluable proven skill set!
volleyball serve
Serving techniques to increase your ace-to-error percentage!
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Incorporate jump serving into a practice warm-up activity!
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Learn successful serve and serve receive drills!

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